our explorer is Jacques Marquette...

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File:Father marquette preaching.jpg
File:Father marquette preaching.jpg
map of the Marquette-Joliet expedition
map of the Marquette-Joliet expedition

  • In 1673 the governors sent Marquette and Jolliet to find and map the Mississippi river.
  • Jacque Marquette was born on june,01,1637 in loan, France.
  • Marquette died on may,18,1675,at st.ignace,mi.
  • Marquette was a roamin catholic priest.
  • he only lived till he was 26 years old.

this is a map
on may,17,1637 Marquette and his friend Louis Joliet, a French Canadian fur trader
were chosen to lead a mission to map the Mississippi river .Joliet was a expert at mapmaking and geograghing.
he is best known for being the first European to see and map the northern part of the Mississippi river.


  • June,01,1637 Jacques Marquette in loan,France
  • 1666, Marquette as sent to new France witch is now Canada . there he learned American Indians languages and taught the American Indians about Christian ideas .
    1673, the governor general of new France sent Louis Joliet to find and map the Mississippi river . Marquette was sent with Jolliet because he spoke there language .