File:Jean Nicolet.jpg
File:Jean Nicolet.jpg
Nicolette arrives with the Indian tribe
jean Nicolette was the first to discover lake Michigan and Wisconsin. at age 20 he sailed to Canada. at request of Samuel DE Champlain. he lived with an with a Indian

tribe near by an Ottawa lake. he learned how to speak their language and their culture and to
negotiations with the Ottawa

in year 1620. he sent to live in a nipssing tribe. at year 1624 he became a interpreter. in 1633 he returned to three settlement rivers in new France [ Canada] and

became an official interpreter. in 1634 he joined search to west ward in a Huron territory. he carried a large canoe and sailed with brave men thru lake houran

to discover lake Michigan. to a northwest passageway he sailed thru what is now green bay. he made friendship with the Winnebago tribe. he explored Wisconsin before leaving to Quebec in Autumn 1634. he returned to work to colonel interpreter and got respect by both french settlers and Indian settlers. Nicolette died in a boat by drowning in st. Lewis river. image Nicolletmap.GIF